Valentine’s Day Gift Set



Treat your bearded legend to the ultimate Valentine’s gift.

Our super cool Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Gift Set includes:

  • Beardpoo Shampoo
  • Beardpoo Moisturiser
  • 1 pack of Love Heart sweets
  • 1 ‘My Bearded Valentine’ card

Wrapped lovingly in limited edition red tissue paper and packaged in a discreet, luxury plain black Beardpoo envelope*.

The perfect gift for man and beard you love.

It’s win-win, too.

As always, 25% of profits will be donated to CALM, the award-winning charity that helps prevent male suicide – the single biggest killer of men in the UK aged under 45.

Beardpoo Shampoo

Beardpoo Beard Shampoo is the purpose built cleaning and cleansing product for men who want to grow great beards.

Enriched with natural ingredients it aides beard thickness, softens bristles and soothes itchiness. Without any nasties and sulphate free this unique formula is suitable for all facial hair types and is specially PH-balanced to be gentle on the face.


Beardpoo Moisturiser

Make your facial hair softer with our specialised beard moisturiser. It not only soothes dry skin that often brews underneath beards but is enriched with natural ingredients that tackle beardruff. It is a light texture, which makes it easy to spread through facial hair and skin, and helps to keep wayward bristles in check leaving you free to style your beard the way you want.  Sulphate and free of harsh chemicals this moisturiser will give you the barbershop experience in the comfort of your own home.


Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – Reg Charity No.: 1110621

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